Brinnon Resort Appeal in Progress


The clock is ticking.

On Monday, June 4, the Board of County Commissioners signed the development agreement with Statesman Corporation to build 890 housing units and an urban-scale development on Hood Canal near Brinnon. This is a deeply flawed agreement that will hurt South Jefferson County and forever alter our rural way of life. The Brinnon Group is appealing the agreement.

There is a brief period to file the appeal. The time for legal action is now.

A top Seattle land use law firm, Aramburu and Eustis, has been tracking the development for a couple of years and submitting comments into the record. Richard Aramburu is leading the appeal.

Statesman is a Canadian developer who has never built a resort, submitted a shifting set of sketchy development plans, and has no discernible financial resources for a $300 million project. In fact, the developer sought capital from the U.S. government, Canadian government, and rich Chinese investors to fund various iterations of an urban scale resort adjacent to the rural village of Brinnon. See Statesman's Public-Private Partnership and Memo to Statesman: Show Us the Money.

If successful, this appeal will force Jefferson County to seriously plan for its rural communities, such as Brinnon, and to respect and implement those plans once approved.

Please give whatever you can to support this appeal. This effort has non-profit status. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please share this with friends. Donate here:

See BrinnonInfo Planning for a summary of the wishes of the community according to our sub area plan, and a chronology of resort schemes in Brinnon. See Take Action to sign up for updates.