Brinnon Resort Appeal Filed in Superior Court


Brinnon Group Files Appeal of Statesman Resort Development Agreement & Ordinance

Appeal Seeks to Invalidate Urban Scale Resort Proposal on Hood Canal

Brinnon, WA, June 25, 2018 --- Today the Brinnon Group, a non-profit organization devoted to sensible development in south Jefferson County, filed a Land Use Petition (LUPA) in Superior Court, Kitsap County, to invalidate the developer agreement and supporting ordinance for an urban-scale resort on Hood Canal, near Brinnon.

A subsequent appeal of Jefferson County’s Ordinances will also be filed with the Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board.

The LUPA appeal states, in part:

“The Development Regulations adopted by the County are vague to the point of being unenforceable, and the diagrams submitted by the Developer showing the proposed construction are contradictory and incomplete.  Significantly, the Development Agreement between the County and Developer allows the Developer a period of forty-five years in order to construct the MPR (Master Planned Resort) to the regulations and standards in place today.”

“… actions by Jefferson County on the Pleasant Harbor MPR are so vague and ephemeral that they do not meet the minimum standards for MPR approvals under either state law or previously adopted Jefferson County regulations. The plans approved are not really plans at all but a means of moving planning approval down the road, leaving complete and utter discretion to be exercised on a segment by segment basis. Importantly, the phasing plan, which begins with the sale of a large number of private residential condominiums, does not contain the provisions needed to assure the development will meet the mandatory standards for an MPR if project development ends at its initial phase.”

The development agreement in question allows up to 890 residential units, seven sports courts, including one with seating for 560 spectators, a theater with 165 seats, two swimming pools, a 9-hole golf course, and many more amenities outlined in vague and contradictory plans. The Canadian developer, Statesman Group, has no experience with resort-scale projects, and has sought $37,750,000.00 from Jefferson County and the state of Washington to construct portions of the resort.

Said Robert Mitchell, a member of the Brinnon Group:

“This appeal should come as no surprise to the county. We’ve submitted countless opinions and analysis attempting to rectify the many flaws in this agreement. Land use attorneys and consultants, the Jefferson County Planning Commission, and others tried to work with the County to address the issues that would have avoided this appeal. It is our hope that the nullification of the Ordinances that support this urban-scale resort will force Jefferson County to get serious about community planning, and to develop plans in accordance with Washington state development regulations and the wishes of local communities.”

See appeal and supporting documents on the Brinnon Planning page. Media contact:

The Brinnon Group (“The Group”) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization devoted to sensible development in South Jefferson County. The Group began meeting informally in 2001 and incorporated in Washington state in 2008. See more at  See for the history of planning in Brinnon.