In 2002 the people of Brinnon finalized their sub-area plan, which is integrated into the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan. This PLANNING page is dedicated to furthering that effort. We want to ensure that Brinnon develops as a rural village with a sustainable local economy that protects our precious natural resources. See NEWS page for updates on community development.

Planning for the Rural Village of Brinnon


July 14, 2019 - Amendment 2 does not meet either the spirit or letter of the Court’s order or county regulations and should not be approved by the Commissioners. In addition, the developer has now decided to change (again) the basics of the Pleasant Harbor Master Plan without any warning or explanation. The latest changes are not consistent with Jefferson County ordinances and the comprehensive plan and should not be approved by the Commissioners. Read the full letter from the Brinnon Group lawyer to Jefferson County Commissioners.

June 29, 2018 -- Petition filed against resort plans in Brinnon, Peninsula Daily News.

June 25, 2018 -- Today the Brinnon Group, a non-profit organization devoted to sensible development in south Jefferson County, filed a Land Use Petition (LUPA) in Superior Court, Kitsap County, to invalidate the developer agreement and supporting ordinance for an urban-scale resort on Hood Canal, near Brinnon. A subsequent appeal of Jefferson County’s Ordinances will also be filed with the Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board. See Brinnon Resort Appeal Filed for more information.

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June 4, 2018 -- The Board of County Commissioners signed the development agreement with Statesman Corporation to build 890 housing units and an urban-scale development on Hood Canal near Brinnon. This is a deeply flawed agreement that will hurt South Jefferson County and forever alter our rural way of life.  See History of Resort Schemes below for more detail. 

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Who we are

Like the pioneers and the native inhabitants before them, the people of Brinnon value independence and freedom of enterprise. Brinnon’s innovative relationship to its economy is one aspect of its character. This is exemplified by creative home businesses and attention to resource lands. - excerpt from the Brinnon sub-area plan 5/1/2002

where we are

Brinnon is a remote rural community, 40 miles from the services of the County seat and far from neighboring communities, and must forge its own opportunities. Brinnon features 20 miles of Hood Canal shoreline; two major rivers - the Duckabush and Dosewallips - and the backdrop of the Olympic Mountains. The natural beauty and resources of the area have contributed to the desirability of Brinnon as a rural residential and recreational location. - excerpt from the Brinnon sub-area plan 5/1/2002

community values

Excerpt from "Community Values" in the 2002 Brinnon sub-area plan": During the 1994-95 process to update the 1982 Community Plan, the first such plan for Brinnon, the Planning Committee gathered survey results and comments in order to create a profile of the community. The essential theme echoed by residents was the importance of maintaining the rural character of Brinnon. As before, respondents favored the development or improvement of single- family residences, convenience stores, retail and service businesses, agricultural and/or aquaculture production, marina operation and boat launches, and the expansion of parks and other public areas.

Respondents leaned towards preservation of the environment, moderate growth, suggestions for multi-family or assisted care housing for seniors, and an increase in conveniences.

Citizens also requested support services for those in retirement, individuals with disabilities, and for commuters; services for recreational users such as hikers and divers, including inns; and encouragement of recreation, tourism, and small, job-creating industry. The 1994 Planning Committee determined that stores and shops should remain primarily located in the three commercial areas previously identified in the 1982 Community Plan.

The three areas were the Highway 101 intersections near Right-Smart Cove (WaWa Point), Brinnon Flats, and Black Point. As with previous community planning groups, the current Brinnon Subarea Planning Group (2002) does not favor strip-like development of businesses along highways and roads. Most group members seemed to have a fairly homogeneous vision of the area, and expected that to some extent, the natural limitations of the land would limit development.

history of resort


Kitsap Sun, 3/3/2002: BRINNON: Proposed resort in sensitive area divides town

They have set their sights on creating a 260-acre resort that would include a 120-seat restaurant, 18-hole golf course, 290-room hotel, conference center, health club, tennis courts and kids' activities. Chuck Finnila estimates the cost at $50 million.


3/20/2002 SEPA review before Hearings Examiner: Brinnon Plan critics win appeal over environmental review

Mark Rose and his wife, Kirie Pedersen, representing the Better Brinnon Coalition, appealed Scalf's issuance of a determination of non-significance regarding the draft plan. They successfully argued that the cumulative environmental impacts had to be addressed, not only when projects were proposed. 

10/3/2003 GMA review before Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board: Better Brinnon Coalition v. Jefferson County

Given the concerns expressed to the County about the fish and wildlife habitat impacts of more intense development in the Brinnon area, the paucity of discussion of these impacts is quite striking. The County’s SEIS pertaining to the Brinnon Subarea Plan does not comply with SEPA, RCW 43.21C.


Port Townsend Leader, 6/10/2010: Statesman to open office in China, seek investors for Brinnon resort

The Statesman Group of Companies is looking to wealthy investors in China and an increasingly popular immigration program to help finance its $300 million Pleasant Harbor Marina and Golf Resort in Brinnon. 

M. Garth Mann, president and CEO of Statesman Group, believes the project could create “hundreds, if not thousands” of jobs over the life of the resort, which he would like to see started in 2011.

Proposed on 256 acres at Black Point are an 18-hole golf course, hotel and conference center and up to 890 residential units. Proponents say it would be a boon to the rural and economically depressed South County; opponents argue the project is too large and would change the character of the area.


Port Townsend Leader, 4/20/2016: Tribe says Brinnon resort threatens treaty rights


Port Townsend Leader, 3/28/2018: Fate of Brinnon resort in county’s hands

Port Townsend Leader, Letter to editor, 5/2/2018: We will not be silenced, we will not be marginalized.

See Brinnon Master Planned Resort Proposal on the Jefferson County web site.

The Board of County Commissioners signed the development agreement with Statesman Corporation to build 890 housing units and an urban-scale development on Hood Canal near Brinnon.See Proposed Resort Near Brinnon Tops Big Hurdle, June 6, 2018.

now and forever

As communities all over the world struggle to preserve their character, my essay,  “Saving Paradise,” in Still Point Artists Quarterly (pdf) remains timely.  My intention is to encourage neighbors and citizens, no matter what their other differences, to protect our dwindling wild and sacred spaces. Every voice counts. - Kirie Pedersen

 See NEWS for the latest developments.


Planning Resources


Jefferson County Planning Commission 

The Planning Commission provides a forum for public review of land use issues and proposals. 

  • Meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month @ 5:30 PM

  • Tri-Area Community Center
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Jefferson County Department of Community Development 

Growth Management & Implementation of the Growth Management Act

Planners Web - News & info for citizen planners




Board of County Commissioners, Mark Rose, April 12, 2018 The County has clearly not done its due diligence on The Statesman Group



More to come.

More to come.